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Qualities of a Good Personal Injury Lawyer

Hiring a personal injury lawyer who can actively investigate and preserve your rights and claim is very essential in obtaining your compensation. A good lawyer can help you obtain you claim your compensation within the shortest time possible. Most car accident lawyers can also serve as personal injury lawyers because of the nature of the claim. However, there are many lawyers and law firms out there, making it difficult to find the best one for your case. Here are some factors to consider when looking for the right legal representative.

1. Credentials

Graduating at any law school may sometimes have little to do when it comes to how a lawyer will represent you in the corridors of justice. Whether the person you are about to hire graduated from the highest-ranking school of law would not matter if they don’t have excellent negotiating skill required to obtain high settlements of his/her clients. It is therefore important to ensure you choose a lawyer who has been accredited by the province or local government. He/she should also have all the necessary credentials and prove that he/she is capable of executing their mandate.

2. Experience

When it comes to investigating and assessing a claim, never understate the value of a personal injury lawyer’s experience. Choosing a lawyer who understands all matters of car accident claims and your case in general – can make a big difference. For instance, every province has specific standards or laws related to negligence, assumption of the risk, causation, statutes of limitation and others that might be important and relevant to your case. Additionally, experienced car accident lawyers also know how to handle anything that might arise in the process.

3. Excellent communication skills

All legal representatives, including car accident lawyers should have excellent communications skills so that they can successfully handle all matters of legal justice on your behalf. Since the process involves a lot of negations and consultations, proper communications skills are necessary.

4. Reputation

The reputation of a legal representative plays a key role when it comes to handling your case fairly and quickly because of their previous dealings with several different insurance companies as well as other lawyers in the court systems in which they usually practice. If a lawyer has a bad reputation, keep on shopping.

5. Personality

Personality is also an important consideration when looking for the best auto accident lawyer, but it is usually overlooked. If you are injured because of a car accident, you definitely need a lawyer who has experience and can successfully help you get your settlement.

6. Referrals

Through recommendations, you can also find the best personal injury lawyer who can fight for you to win your case. You can ask your family members, friends, or relatives to refer you to a reliable legal representative, especially who they have previously used their services. Although, it is advisable to do your research regarding the lawyer they recommend to you. This can give you some insight about the reputation and reliable of the person you are about to hire.

Conclusively, choosing a personal injury lawyer to help you with a lawsuit or insurance claim can go a long way in obtaining your compensation. It is therefore a good idea to keep these factors in mind when looking for one.

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Lawyers in Barrie

If you are in need of a lawyer in Barrie, Ontario you should go to the law firm that will be able to best service your needs. A private practice lawyer can handle such issues as divorce, child support, landlord and tenant disputes, guardianships, preparing a will, and all other non-criminal issues that rarely end up in protracted trials.

As law firms carefully decide the types of law practice they will get involved in, as a legal consumer, you should do your research as well. You need someone who has done the kinds of cases you need expertise for. A newer lawyer can prepare contracts under the auspices of a more experienced legal mentor, but you do not want a neophyte handling your sensitive personal or business matters alone.

Private practice is not the only kind of law that Collingwood lawyers practice. The fees charged to clients on private cases are generally higher than in firms that specialize in defending the “down and out” for criminal cases, usually done pro-bono or free. Criminal lawyers who have high ticket clients charge them high fees for their services. Murder is a capital crime and those who commit it and who are of the lower class need an advocate to fight for their rights. They often are unaware of these rights and may inadvertently incriminate themselves, or agree to a deal without advice of counsel. This can be seen as public interest law.

Collingwood lawyers need to make enough money to pay the bills; it is very hard to do so if you are not in a law firm. However, some lawyers in Barrie, Ontario and elsewhere find they can be most effective if they do not work for a law firm. There are four main types of law practice and specialties inherent in each one.

Besides private and public interest law, there are those lawyers who prefer to never see the inside of a courtroom. For these lawyers, corporate law that gives legal advice to small and large companies often is a good fit. Whether it is incorporation issues, trademark infringement or drawing up leases for their commercial properties, these Collingswood lawyers rarely, if ever, enter a courtroom.

The fourth type of law practice is government law, which gives legal advice to government officials by working in a de facto government position or as an advisor.

If a law firm is singularly focused on money, chances are they will go into a law firm where they could practice criminal law to the richer clients. These clients could financially handle paying the upfront retainers often requested before an attorney will agree to take the case.

Everyone does deserve the best legal representation that they can afford. Just because a person is indigent, it does not mean that their civil rights have been suspended. The legal system is not always fair to the poor, and yes the rich sometimes get away with heinous crimes, simply because of an adept legal defence.

The law should not be blind to the abuses in the bureaucracy, police force or court system. To a large degree it is reflective of the society at large, and until the society changes, the legal system will not either.

5 Qualities of Top Personal Injury Lawyers


Finding a good and reliable personal injury lawyer is not an easy task. This is because legal representatives are not created equal in any way. For that reason, you need to interview several lawyers before making that vital decision of hiring. Outlined in this article are the top 5 qualities of a reliable and trustworthy Oshawa personal injury lawyer.

  1. Qualified

Before settling on any legal practitioner out there, make sure they are fully qualified. Actually, a lawyer who was bright in class is said to be the best case arguer. For that matter, you need to go for someone who has received the right training. Make sure the lawyer attended an accredited law school within your state. You may request to see their qualification papers before making your final decision. Stay away from attorneys who are not willing to provide their credentials.

  1. Specialist

You should always go for someone who has specialized in the area of law you want. Bear in mind that lawyers belong to different law specialties. In this case, you need a specialist in injury law. If, for instance, you want a criminal lawyer, do not make the blunder of hiring a bankruptcy attorney. Remember a specialist has the requisite know-how to handle your particular case in a more professional way. Avoid working with general lawyers since they may not be able to meet your legal needs.

  1. Experienced

Experience is paramount in any field of law. People want to enlist the services of highly experienced lawyers. Remember a knowledgeable attorney is able to handle your case in a more professional manner. This is because such an attorney has dealt with many other similar cases and thus can deal with yours competently. Make sure the attorney you are considering has been practicing for quite some time. Avoid dealing with inexperienced lawyers since they may not be in a position to argue out your case in a good way.

  1. Excellent Communication Skills

The person you hire must have good communication skills. This is important because these cases need to be argued out in courts and therefore the lawyers need to be perfect at that. You must ensure that your chosen lawyer is able to defend your case in a professional way. Choose someone who can communicate fluently. The person should also keep you updated about the progress of your case. You need to remain informed throughout. To know who a good lawyer is, consider interrogating them fully before hiring.

  1. Reliable

Always go for a reliable legal practitioner. You should avoid lawyers who have so many other cases line up. Such attorneys may not be able to concentrate on your particular case. So, choose someone you are sure will give your claim first priority. Make sure you thoroughly interrogate your prospective lawyer before hiring.


Whether you are looking for an injury lawyer or a criminal lawyer, make sure you go for a real specialist. Remember there are many lawyers out there who pretend to be professionals in all fields of law. Before settling on any Oshawa personal injury lawyer, ask to see their credentials in order to ascertain their qualifications.


Claim ICBC for any car Accidents

In case of unfair dismissal at work, you can lodge a case against your employer using the ‘application for unfair dismissal remedy’. This is a provision under unfair dismissal laws that allow you to seek reinstatement or compensation from your employer.

This is also applicable in other instances such as accidents. Be sure to contact car accident lawyers to help you with this. You will easily find an ICBC lawyer in Vancouver.

Where to lodge your complaint?

Your application needs to be lodged with the Fair Work Commission and a member of the Commission will decide if your dismissal was unfair. You should get the help of a professional unfair dismissal lawyer as this can help you present your case in a more skillful manner. On lodging the complaint, a copy is immediately sent to your employer too.

How is the complaint resolved?

There are generally two ways in which a legal solution is reached: either through conciliation or a hearing.


This is an informal telephone meeting setup between you, your legal advisor, your employer and a Fair Works Commission Conciliator. The terms and conditions for your dismissal are reviewed and a settlement is usually reached through this meeting. Most unfair dismissal claims are resolved in this manner. Of course, if a solution to the dispute is not reached, then it proceeds to a hearing before a Member of the Fair Works Commission.

Conference or Hearing:

A hearing with the Fair Works Commission works in a way similar to a court case. You can make sure that your car accident lawyer is present with you during this hearing. Your lawyer will have a good idea on how to go about your appeal. If you are self-represented, then it is necessary to have the following documents ready:

  1. An outline of merits to your argument.
  2. Statements of evidence.
  3. A properly indexed document list.
  4. A list of objections to your dismissal.

For more details information on these documents, you can visit the Fair Works Commission website.

When can your dismissal be considered unfair?

There is always a set procedure in every company when it comes to dismissal of employees. If your employer has not followed these rules, then you are entitled to an unfair dismissal claim. These include:

  1. Giving the employee a minimum period of notice before dismissal or payment in absence of notice.
  2. All outstanding salaries must be paid to the employee.
  3. All accrued leave entitlements must also be paid.
  4. You are also entitled to redundancy pay if it is applicable in your case.

What are the types of unfair dismissal claims?

When you present your case to the Fair Work Commission, they will ask you to categorise your dismissal as ‘harsh, unjust or unreasonable’.

  1. Harsh: The dismissal is considered harsh if it was a disproportionate response to the cause for dismissal. It can also fall under this category if the economic ramifications you face are too great.
  2. An unjust dismissal is when the employer falsely accuses you of some misconduct.
  3. Unreasonable dismissal is if you feel that the employer’s reasons for dismissing you were not based on a fair process.

For a competent ICBC lawyer in Vancouver, we are your best bet. Our organization can help you fight professional injustice with our competent team of unfair dismissal lawyers. Feel free to call us in case of any assistance.


Understanding The Pros And Cons Of Calgary Debt Consolidation

At its most basic, debt consolidation is where one takes all their outstanding debts and combines them into one, more manageable loan. Instead of paying multiple accounts every month, you’ll only have a single account to worry about. But while this can significantly benefit individuals who are struggling to make minimum bill payments, it also has certain risks. It is therefore important to understand the various pros and cons of Calgary debt consolidation before making any decision.

Pros of debt consolidation

  1. Easier finance management 

Since you’ll only be paying once-off each month, you might find that your finances are easier to manage in terms of budgeting for expenses.You are able to allocate the amounts required for loan repayment and meet your needs as well as those of your family .This could help you avoid late/non-payments and in turn keep you out of trouble .

  1. Improve credit record 

Inability to pay off loans as required will not only leave you facing bankruptcy in Calgary but could affect your credit score. With a poor credit history, you could find it hard to take out a mortgage loan for the purchase of a new home, or other loans. Consolidating your debit puts your creditors on hold, and your profile will gradually start improving.

  1. Psychological benefits 

There are also significant psychological benefits. When you have multiple debts , you not only have to put up with different interest rates and terms but also threats from your creditors. They might pester you all day over the phone or via letters demanding their money. Combining all debts allows one to repay their debts without having to deal with angry creditors. Moreover, they have an easier time balancing their finances.

Cons of debt consolidation 

  1. Lead to more debt

In some cases, merging debts can potentially encourage continued poor and risky spending habits since the consolidation loan settles the existing debt, in turn giving one a sense of financial freedom. If you’re not careful, you could build up more debt and probably be forced to declare bankruptcy in Calgary sooner rather than later. One really needs to be disciplined and resist the temptations to spend the credit available on new purchases.

  1. Possibility of spending more

You could also end up spending more money in the long run. While consolidation means lower interest rates, there’s a chance that an individual will take longer to pay back their outstanding debts. Repaying short-term debts over an extended period time tends to increase the interest bill over the particular duration. So, the amount you’ll pay in interest could turn out to be greater. The only way to avoid this is to be organized and do your best to pay off as quickly as possible.

  1. Doesn’t always give desired outcome

Calgary debt consolidation may not necessarily produce the desired results, particularly if one gets involved with small lenders who later close business or else hand over the loan to less trustworthy lenders who do not provide one with financial service. If this happens, you could soon find yourself in legal & financial trouble again! It is therefore absolutely important to choose the right lender and do thorough research.


Several Important Factors to Consider When Hiring the Best Ottawa Injury Lawyer

When you are dealing with any personal injury cases in your daily life, you need to hire the best injury lawyer for yourself. You should be able to find some popular Ottawa injury lawyers that are available today. Before you decide to select the best lawyer for yourself, you should compare all available lawyers around your area. There are some important things that you have to consider, especially if you want to search high quality lawyers that can meet your criteria. Here are some necessary factors to consider, especially when you plan to hire the best personal injury lawyer easily.

1. Look at the lawyers’ reputation

You can find many types of lawyers that are available in Ottawa. They usually have their own reputation in this area. It is a great idea for you to look at some customers’ reviews, especially if you want to look at their reputation. You should be able to find some reviews from several resources, such as magazines, newspapers, websites, social media sites, and many other sources. You need to look for any lawyers who have a positive reputation in the Ottawa area. Reputable lawyers usually have great skills and knowledge for helping you complete your cases quickly and easily.

2. Check the history of your favourite lawyers

When you are able to find some popular lawyers in the Ottawa area, you may want to check their history. Don’t forget to check their trial experience, especially when you want to hire the best Ottawa injury lawyer easily. It is important for you to select a great attorney who wins a lot of cases in court. Professional personal injury lawyers in Ottawa usually have good success rates, so you are able to increase your chance of winning your case. Good success rates can show the overall quality and also performance of your favorite injury lawyers in Ottawa today.

3. Ask about their licenses

You need to know that many lawyers don’t have proper legal license for working in this area. Therefore, you have to be careful with these types of lawyers. It is important for you to ask about license number, especially when you contact some professional Ottawa injury lawyers now. In order to get this license, all injury lawyers should pass several tests and examinations. Therefore, this license can be used to ensure the overall quality of your favorite personal injury lawyers. Licensed lawyers tend to provide great service quality that is good for your needs.

After reading this article, you should be able to compare several injury lawyers in Ottawa today. It is not difficult for you to compare and look at all available injury lawyers around yourself now. Make sure that you make appointments with several lawyers, in order to discuss about your cases. Some lawyers are going to offer free consultation service for their new customers. This free consultation session is very useful to help you talk with your favorite injury lawyers easily. Choosing the best injury lawyer can help you improve your success rate on solving your own case.

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How to Choose the Right Debt Counsellor

A debt counsellor helps over-indebted consumers to become debt-free using a regulated debt counselling process. A good debt counsellor must be registered and accredited by the National Credit Regulator.

Debt counselling is a process whereby a debt counsellor offers to negotiate with creditors on behalf of an indebted consumer. This may result in a reduction of the installments and the period of each credit agreement being extended.

The debt counsellor may also appeal to the creditors to lower the interest rate(s) on the credit agreements to allow easy payoff of all the credit.

For an over-indebted individual, declaring bankruptcy is a good decision for initiating the debt relief process. This requires advice from a reputable debt counsellor. However, there are many debt counselling programs or plans offered by different counsellors.

Therefore, choosing the right debt counsellor may be confusing. When choosing the right debt counsellor, you should consider the following factors:

  1. Cost of counselling

First, you should not pay any fee for referral to a trustee or a debt counsellor since most of the credit counselling agencies and trustees offer free initial consultations.

Ensure that you understand the services provided by the counsellor and the cost of each service. When declaring bankruptcy and filing a case with a trustee, you should not make any payment until your proceeding(s) has been filed with the authority.

In case you are seeking for a debt management plan, ask your counsellor if there is any need to set aside an amount for negotiating a debt settlement with the creditors.

A debt counsellor, whether credit counsellor or trustee, should be paid if they are able to provide good services.

  1. Accreditation

Your debt counsellor must be accredited professionally. If you choose to consult a credit counsellor, make sure the credit counsellor and the credit-counselling agency are accredited. A trustee in bankruptcy is one of the best debt consultants.

Licensed by the federal government, most trustees are authorized to offer good advices concerning debt relief choices. These include consumer bankruptcy and proposals. They must ensure that both the creditors and debtors’ rights are treated with high level of respect.

  1. Reputation of the debt counsellor

A reputable debt counsellor will present all the choices before making any decision. Most credit counselling agencies and trustees offer a free consultation during the first visit.

This should not entice you to make a quick decision. Take some time to examine the reputation of your potential debt counsellor. Ask for all information about debt counselling from friends, relatives or even workmates.

  1. Education and training

The best debt counsellor should have the necessary training and experience to advise you on how to handle your bankruptcy case.

The trustees are the most educated and highly trained debt consultants. Most of them hold a university degree and an accounting designation.

In addition, all of them must pass a rigorous law and bankruptcy course before acquiring a trustee license. All trustees must follow a strict code of ethics, which guides them to offer you all the debt relief choices.

Note: Based on the National Credit Act, a debt counsellor may not work for a debt collection agency, credit bureau or credit provider.



Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

When you are injured after an accident, most insurance companies will want settle your claim as soon as possible. This is because they save money when they settle your claims quickly while also avoiding long litigation processes that could damage their reputation and business. Most of these companies will give you a compensation package which they feel is fair according to them without assessing your long-term needs. The only way to ensure you get good compensation is by hiring personal injury lawyers in St. John’s. The personal injury attorney in St. John’s you select should be one who fulfills the following qualities.


After being involved in an accident, emotions run deep. In this state, making clear-headed, logical decisions is impossible. Having good lawyers in St. John’s to help you make decisions will benefit you in the end. The attorney will negotiate with the insurance company with a clear mind to get you a settlement that will cater for your expenses and stress you will go through during treatment.


If it is the first time you are involved in a personal injury claim in St. John’s you may be confused and not know how to undertake the process of getting your compensation. The insurance company will not make matters easier for you as they might use underhand techniques to get you to drop the case. To prevent such occurrences, it is important to select a lawyer who has dealt with similar cases before to guide you through.

An Injury Attorney has experience in this field and has knowledge of the laws relating to accidents. They will tell you whether your case is worth pursing or not and know the best way to prove the other party’s negligence. Your personal injury attorney in St. John’s will also work with the police and other attorneys, to collect and analyze the evidence required winning the case. By examining the case, an injury attorney can give you a rough estimate of the amount to expect if you win the case.

Get Your Rightful Compensation Package

A St. John’s Injury Attorney will carefully analyze your case and negotiate a good deal with the insurance company. The lawyer will ensure that you are not exploited by the insurance company. Remember, all insurance companies want to pay as little as they possibly can. As good as their deal may seem, it is not the best that you can get from the insurance company. With an experienced personal injury attorney by your side, an insurance company can never exploit you.

When to Talk To Personal Injury Lawyers in St. John’s 

The attorney should be the first person you talk to after an accident and be careful when talking to the representatives of the insurance company as they might use your statement as a basis of denying you compensation. Let your lawyer speak for you. Talking to a St. John’s Personal injury lawyer does not cost you anything upfront as most do not have upfront fees and will only charge you in the event you win your compensation.






Get Free of Debt with Toronto Personal Bankruptcy

Quite a few Canadians nowadays worry about debt on a daily basis. This can feel overwhelming and sometimes it seems like there is really no way out. A licensed Toronto personal bankruptcy trustee can help you with options such as consumer proposals that can help you get ahead of your debts.

Get Past the Hurdle

Insolvency and bankruptcy are not words that many people take lightly. In fact, in most cases, people who eventually file for bankruptcy would rather not have done so. However, if your situation is dire, it is better to get help sooner rather than later. The Canadian government has put measures in place to help men and women who are struggling to pay off debts that they cannot manage. When you face your debt and put a workable plan in place for dealing with your arrears, you can get back on your feet more quickly.

Scheduling a Meeting

Scheduling a consultation with a licensed Toronto personal bankruptcy trustee is not difficult. You can usually call to arrange for a time that fits into your schedule. Even if you are working two jobs, it pays to set some time aside for this. Make sure you are as clear as possible about the debts you have while you are with the trustee.
Consultations are usually free so you don’t have to worry about finding the money to pay for a professional opinion on your situation. If you suspect that people may be communicating with you through lawyers soon, you may end up having to get legal assistance. It helps to be proactive and get advice from a trustee now, instead of delaying and paying later on for a consultation with a lawyer of your own.
It can be stressful to think about all that you owe but you can come up with a better plan for dealing with your debts if trustees have all the information that you do. While many people worry that bankruptcy may be their only option, there are alternatives which will be made clear to you in the meeting. Toronto consumer proposals are a popular option for many people.

Keep Your Assets with Consumer Proposals

Toronto consumer proposals are a preferred option for many people who are struggling with debt. This is because they allow you to maintain control over the assets that you have worked so hard to acquire over the years. Medical bills or business struggles can wipe out your savings and land you in debt. You can get a consumer proposal and be able to keep your home and other things that you own.

With a consumer proposal, there is a requirement to continue making payments on your car, house and secured loans. If you have no source of income, that may be difficult for you to do. However, if you are sure that you will have money coming in for a specific number of years; this may work well for you. Speak to a trustee about Toronto consumer proposals today and learn how you can be released from the debts you have.

Hiring Experienced Lawyer in Edmonton for Successful Defence against Sexual Assault and Drug Related Charges

Sexual assault charges and drug related cases are very serious and could lead to severe consequences if one is convicted. In case you are facing these charges, it is always important to have the legal representation of a skilled and experienced sexual assault lawyer in Edmonton or Edmonton drug lawyer as this is the only way you can be able to fight off the accusation or even reduce the magnitude of punishment meted if at all you are found guilty.

Sexual assault charges

Being charged as a sexual offender can be traumatizing as it comes social stigma not to mention that the charges faced are solely dependent on the evidence provided by the complainant. There are many acts considered to be sexual assault in Canada and these range from what is commonly referred to as rape to a brief grab of someone’s buttocks or breasts to a stolen kiss. The weight placed on a defendant is normally huge and the fact that these charges can be laid against you without the prosecutor providing any physical evidence normally makes it tricky if you were to defend yourself without a lawyer.

On the contrary, hiring a sexual assault lawyer in Edmonton could go a long way in mounting a comprehensive and complete defence against such charges thus exonerating you from the crime. In most cases, facing such charges could call for the use of expert evidence from polygraph experts, private investigators and psychologists and only a truly qualified and successful lawyer can be able to guide you into the right steps to take. It is always important to hire the services of a successful legal representative who has a track record of defending against sexual assault cases before both the jury and judges or judges alone.

A reliable lawyer should take the time to study the details of the case at hand and understand everything from a personal level. It is always important to have a lawyer who is willing to support you right from the beginning to the very end as this is the only way you can be vilified of sexual crime charges especially if you are innocent. Sexual assault accusations are not trivial considering that the charges have the potential to alter many lives forever. Both the accuser and the defendant will experience changes in their lives thus making justice very important for you if you are such a scenario.

Drug law and offences

In addition to sexual assault charges, drug offences carry grave penalties if one is proven guilty. Drug laws are complex and will involve search warrants, informants, expert testimonies and analysis. Drugs offences carry serious penalties with most of them attracting mandatory minimum sentences. To understand your rights and defend yourself properly, it is important to have a reliable Edmonton drug lawyer on your side from the onset.

One could be found guilty for introducing an interested drug buyer to a seller and vice versa or assisting to negotiate a price or give payment for different drugs. You could also face the law for giving different drugs to someone for safe-keeping, selling drugs unsuspectingly to an undercover law enforcer, or trafficking the same even without your knowledge. Whatever the situation, it is important to avoid the serious fines, penalties or sentencing you face if proven guilty. You should hire an experienced Edmonton drug lawyer right from the beginning to help you obtain successful results. If you or someone you know is facing charges related to drug trafficking or possession, contact a lawyer to plan your defence.