Lawyers in Barrie

If you are in need of a lawyer in Barrie, Ontario you should go to the law firm that will be able to best service your needs. A private practice lawyer can handle such issues as divorce, child support, landlord and tenant disputes, guardianships, preparing a will, and all other non-criminal issues that rarely end up in protracted trials.

As law firms carefully decide the types of law practice they will get involved in, as a legal consumer, you should do your research as well. You need someone who has done the kinds of cases you need expertise for. A newer lawyer can prepare contracts under the auspices of a more experienced legal mentor, but you do not want a neophyte handling your sensitive personal or business matters alone.

Private practice is not the only kind of law that Collingwood lawyers practice. The fees charged to clients on private cases are generally higher than in firms that specialize in defending the “down and out” for criminal cases, usually done pro-bono or free. Criminal lawyers who have high ticket clients charge them high fees for their services. Murder is a capital crime and those who commit it and who are of the lower class need an advocate to fight for their rights. They often are unaware of these rights and may inadvertently incriminate themselves, or agree to a deal without advice of counsel. This can be seen as public interest law.

Collingwood lawyers need to make enough money to pay the bills; it is very hard to do so if you are not in a law firm. However, some lawyers in Barrie, Ontario and elsewhere find they can be most effective if they do not work for a law firm. There are four main types of law practice and specialties inherent in each one.

Besides private and public interest law, there are those lawyers who prefer to never see the inside of a courtroom. For these lawyers, corporate law that gives legal advice to small and large companies often is a good fit. Whether it is incorporation issues, trademark infringement or drawing up leases for their commercial properties, these Collingswood lawyers rarely, if ever, enter a courtroom.

The fourth type of law practice is government law, which gives legal advice to government officials by working in a de facto government position or as an advisor.

If a law firm is singularly focused on money, chances are they will go into a law firm where they could practice criminal law to the richer clients. These clients could financially handle paying the upfront retainers often requested before an attorney will agree to take the case.

Everyone does deserve the best legal representation that they can afford. Just because a person is indigent, it does not mean that their civil rights have been suspended. The legal system is not always fair to the poor, and yes the rich sometimes get away with heinous crimes, simply because of an adept legal defence.

The law should not be blind to the abuses in the bureaucracy, police force or court system. To a large degree it is reflective of the society at large, and until the society changes, the legal system will not either.

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